Essential Oils


I am so excited to share my holistic journey with you!

The modality of essential oils is the gateway to holistic health and there is no better company to partner with in my opinion.




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Why The Premium Starter Kit?

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In my opinion, there is no better way to invest in you and your family’s health than with essential oils.  Oils play a huge role in both my family’s and my farm’s natural lifestyle.  With living as chemically free as we can, essential oils (along with organic foods) are the key to our overall, natural lifestyle.

Essential oils can be daunting at first.  Where do you begin?  How and where do you use them?  Where do you NOT use them? These are all questions everyone asks when they first dive into the EO world.  But with one twist of a cap, these little bottles will have you hooked.


Anyone who enrolls as a wholesale member receives 24/7 holistic coaching from me along with all the other benefits that this team receives. 

You will have all the support and guidance under some of the most experienced holistic healthcare providers.  You will soon be on your way to providing a clean and safe environment for you and your family (or farm).

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HELP IS ON THE WAY!!  If you are in love with all the benefits of essential oils but aren’t sure how to utilize them for your personal needs, I recommend the iTOVi scanner.  Again, any members on my team will be trained on how to use the scanner.  


iTOVi is your personal product expert.

With just a simple scan, this pocket-sized tool will help you understand how your body responds to the products you use. Using scientific technology and a patented algorithm, iTOVi takes the guesswork out of the growing world of essential oils and supplements.

So whether you’re wanting to listen to your body or help others understand their body’s responses, the iTOVi scanner is the perfect companion.

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