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Food and Mood

The mental health statistics for Americans is soaring. As we start to see more horrific incidents being played out as a result of mental illness we, as a moral society, have got to look at more underlying issues than a “gun problem” or video game overload.

The statistics do not lie.  I will bring nutrition and emotional release techniques into the discussion at the end, but for now I want us to camp out right here and soak up these statistics.  I could give you every statistic there is from depression medications to lack of education, but I just want to focus on these four:

  • 1 in 4 adults (approximately 61 million Americans) suffer with mental illness. (2015)
  • 1 in 10 adolescents experiences a period of major depression.
  • 1 in 25 Americans live with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression.
  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.
    41,000 deaths per year-more than double the rate of homicides

As a CNHP, I am committed to teaching people the fundamental health techniques that can help free them from debilitating health disorders. Can you even imagine my grief to know so many people feel hopeless in their mental state enough to take their own life? And where is the outcry to help these people? We are ready to “BAN ALL GUNS” but we don’t address the mental state of these hurting people.  This is not only ignorant but cruel. Could nutrition and lifestyle really be affecting our mental state?

Now, as a disclaimer, I understand that not all emotional issues are nutritionally related. However, in studies we have seen huge improvements in the mental state of clients that have put natural health practices into play.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that health is a state of COMPLETE physical, mental, and social well-being.  This is different as our society as a whole, treats symptoms and defining health as merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  To take it even further, holistic health combines the body, mind, and spirit to work in harmony for the ideal picture of health.

Body- our physical being that allows our interaction in the world.

Mind- like computer programming, this is what makes us “run”.

Spirit- the energy within which gives us power.

To throw even more staggering statistics at you, the United States is ranked 37th in overall performance of healthcare systems, but comes in number one with cost.  In 2015, U.S. health care spending was $3.2 trillion, or $9,990 per person. Now, I’m not a numbers expert, but something doesn’t add up here.  For the first times since 1993, the U.S. life expectancy has declined.  We are outspending every nation for health care, but our life expectancy is declining and we are even leading some countries in the 10 causes of death globally.  You would come to expect this in third-world countries but not in our “Mighty America”.  This should outrage our society and move you all to find answers.

So What Can We Do?

Simple, natural changes that you make in your life could result in the breakthrough you’ve been searching for.  As a holistic practitioner,  I start with the foundations at initial consultations.  We engage in these foundations of health and then see where we need to improve.  A full consultation form lets me see into the window of my client’s health and allows me to help support their personal needs.


This should not overwhelm you but encourage you that simple, natural changes could improve the health of your body and the health of your wallet.

What Does Nutrition Have To Do With It?

Scroll through any magazine or Facebook and you will quickly notice the heavy market for “health companies”.  For the most part, these companies have programs that get results and allow people to start living a healthier lifestyle.  Where the problem lies for me is that these programs promote nutrition that is not even food.  They are pumping people full of synthetic minerals and vitamins and artificial forms of food.

Dr. Royal Lee and Jerome Stolzoff have some profound opinions on food and nutrition:

1) No food is safe, unless it is fresh enough to have retained most of its perishable vitamins.  Spinach may lose all of its vitamin C in a week; oranges in three months.

2) No food is safe, unless it has incurred no processing that would remove or impair its vitamin and mineral content.  This eliminates pasteurized milk, white sugar, synthetic syrups, bleached flour, and practically all packaged cereals, shortening, fats, etc.

3) No food is safe, unless it is free of any kind of synthetic adulteration, representing crude attempts to replace valuable organic constituents lost in processing.

4) No food is safe, unless it has a background of experience behind it establishing its value to the human family.  NO ANIMAL TESTING.

Foods should be consumed in their natural state, grown organically, in proper soil conditions, pesticide-free, and harvested at peak ripeness for optimal nutrition.

Dr. Lee and Jerome Stolzoff go on to say that those who are seeking absolute health, longevity, and refinement need to understand that the body, mind, spirit, and soul are absolutely interdependent from each other.  A healthy body can only be built and maintained with nature’s perfect (unperverted and unfired) food, pure water, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and restful sleep.

Can You See The Connection?

Not only is our country’s nutrition completely off base but we are over medicated as well.  Millions of children and adults have attention deficit disorder (ADD) and/or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).  ADD is characterized by difficult concentration, distracted, and impaired visual/spacial coordination.  ADHD is characterized by inattentiveness, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity.  Although the causes are not clear, genetics, food additives, nutrition, infections, and abnormalities related to neurotransmitters in the CNS are suspected.

What….nutrition? We are facing a drug epidemic as the number of prescriptions for ADD and ADHD have tripled from 1990-1994 and have increased every year after.

A nutrition-based study showed results involving 33 people who suffered from ADD, ADHD, or related disorders.  The purpose of the trial was to measure how often nutrition-based recommendations could help improve behavior that was linked to these disorders and to also identify dietary factors that could help.  This was solely a nutritional-based study.  The results were amazing.  51.5% of participants needed calcium support, 48.4% needed nutritional fatigue support, 45.2% needed nutritional thyroid support, 29% needed nutritional infection support, 9.7% needed nutritional pancreatic support and 16.1% needed B vitamin and iron support. Only 20% of participants were on Ritalin or other prescriptions.  All reduced or eliminated taking the medications and reported improvement.  100% of participants reported behavioral improvement within 40 days.  Food intolerances were found in 90.3% of the participants.

I gave you a very brief synopsis of this case study, but the results have to be acknowledged.  Our diet and nutrition is playing a huge role in our mental and physical health.

As a holistic practitioner, I work with clients to help improve many areas of their health. We begin with self-reflection.

How balanced is your diet?

How much water and what kind of water do you consume daily?

How much raw, organic foods do you consume?

Are your circadian rhythms functioning properly?

Are you exercising properly for your body’s needs?

What is your body’s pH and how does it effect your nutrition?

Are you cleansing and detoxing properly?

Are you receiving an adequate amount of sun exposure?

Are you overloading your body on supplements? Do you know what supplements your body is specifically needing?

Are you effectively practicing energy therapy?

These are just a few of the foundational blocks we build upon.  More and more people are climbing over to the natural-health arena because they are dissatisfied with the efforts made by tradition allopathic medicine.  I do not discredit allopathic medicine at all.  In fact, I am thankful for their avenues of expertise and I help co-manage many clients.  I just can’t ignore my passion and insight to help people find a better way to improve their health.

If this article hits home with you and you would to receive holistic advise and insight, I would love to be your practitioner.  Feel free to message me to set up a private consultation or visit my website https://myfitfarmlife.com/holistichealth/

Until then, enjoy these emotional release techniques to help calm the mind and balance your mind, body, spirit connection.  Once we learn how interdependent these are, we begin to wholly heal.



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