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Why You Need To Be Using Rose Water

We have obsessed about skin care for centuries.  Outside of weight control, I would say this is the most sought-out product search for women today.  Everyone wants to find the ‘Fountain of Youth’.  Sadly most of the body and skin care lines on the market today also come filled with toxic chemicals.  I am here to help change that.  Technology is a very good thing but in this case, I would like to allow history to give us a lesson.

According to www.royalsenseusa.com, roses have had a great purpose since ancient times.  They have been used medicinally, nutritionally, and as a source of perfume.  Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Phoenicians considered large rose gardens just as important as crop lands.  It is said that Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen, was considered to be among the most beautiful women in the world.  She was a big fan of the healing and beautifying qualities of bathing in rose water.  Therefore, if rose water was good enough for her, it should definitely be good enough for us.

Could the majority of our skin care line really be replaced by rose water?  “Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema.  It is a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores”, says Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, Skincare Expert.  Let’s take a look at other benefits of rose water….

-Rose water has been shown to have antibacterial properties that are useful in cuts and scraps
-It also helps to clean out pores and shrink them while strengthening skin cells and regenerating them
-It can be used as an anti-inflammatory and used to reduce blood pressure
-Works great as a hair conditioner and on dandruff
-Many people use it in their cooking for many different reasons

How about that for the win?  Still need more benefits?  Check this Site out to learn more on the ‘beauty’ benefits of rose water.

Today the harvest of beautiful rose petals are in high demand.  After all, it takes 10,000 roses to make one 5ml bottle of rose essential oil.  Knowing that, this might make the price of rose EO more acceptable to you.  But if you just can’t justify spending $75 on pure rose essential oil, then rose water is your next best option.

So what is rose water?  Rose water is simply a by-product of the distillation process and a more affordable one at that.  Rose water is made by steeping rose petals in water.  Simple…right?  Of course you want the best quality of rose petals.  Your best option would be to grow your own organic plants.  If this is more effort than you want to put into making your rose water, then shop for a good quality petal. I have purchased rose petals from Mountain Rose Herbs and have been pleased with their quality.

What You Need To Make Your Own Rose Water With Dried Rose Petals:

– Dried Organic Rose Petals
– Distilled Water (tap water often has bacteria in it)
– Funnel
– Glass Bowl and Glass Jars (avoid metal or plastic)
– Organic Nut Milk Bag
– Glass Spray Bottles

What you Need To Make Your Own Rose Water With Rose EO:

– Rose Essential Oil (make sure and use 100% pure EO and not scented oil.  This is the only line of EOs I trust.)
– Distilled Water
– Witch Hazel
– Glass Jars (avoid metal or plastic)
– Funnel
– Glass Spray Bottles

If you are making rose water with dried rose petals, make sure you have all your supplies sanitized and ready to go.

  1.  Place 1/4 cup of dried petals inside jar or bowl.

Double Batch Shown Here

2.  Pour 1 1/4 cups of very hot water (not boiling) over petals, cover and steep for 15 minutes.
3.  Once water has cooled down, transfer the rose water into another jar by filtering the water through a nut bag. (Make sure the water has cooled down!)

4.  Funnel water into a spray/mist bottle and store in the fridge.  You will need to use your rose water within a week.



If you are making rose water with rose EO the process is even easier.  Again, make sure all your jars, bowls, and spray bottles are sanitized.

1. Place 1 cup of distilled water in a jar.
2. Dilute 12 drops of rose EO in 2 Tbsp. of witch hazel (if you do not dilute your EO first, it will separate in the water).
3. Add rose blend to water, cover with lid and shake.
4. Funnel water into spray/mist bottle and store in fridge.  You will need to use your rose water within a week.

Okay you’ve made your rose water, now how do you use it?  Just some of the ways I like to use rose water are:

– Use it as a toner right after I cleanse my face.  You can either mist it or use with organic cotton and dab gently on face.  The process will leave your face feeling clean and tightened.  It really helps in the shrinking of those nasty pores!
– Use 1 cup in your bath water for an intoxicating experience.  The aroma encourages feelings of positive self-reflection and can create an uplifted feeling when inhaled.  I know that’s just what I need at the end of a long day!
– Use as a natural perfume.  NO MORE TOXIC PERFUMES!
– Use as a makeup setter.  Just mist over your finished makeup and set that face.
– Use as a wonderful linen spray.
– Set a bottle in the guest bathroom for those *stinky* moments.


I hope this encourages you to make your own rose water!  Now you know what to do with all those beautiful flowers.

Happy Spritzing!!


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