Toy Australian Shepherds





All puppies have been placed in their forever homes!

Next litter is excepted April 2018.




The Rest Of The Herd…..

Little Blues “Diesel”

Diesel, a Blue Merle, is our beloved stud dog.  He has produced two beautiful litters, throwing every color in each litter.  He has a strong herding instinct and is my number one hiking companion.  He has those striking blue eyes and every merle from him has received blue eyes as well.  He has been a very welcoming addition to our doggie family since the passing of my original stud dog.  He is very loyal and smarter than a whip.  He has **5** full generations of Registered Ancestry with NSDR/IESR.

DOB:  05/20/2015

Sex:  Male

Sire: Pruitt’s Ace

Dam: Pruitt’s Peggee

Height: 13″

Weight:  14lbs

Eyes: Blue


Little Blues “Blaze”

Blaze, a Red Tri, is our current dam.  She has had two, beautiful litters and is a natural mother.  She is very quiet and loves one-one-one attention.  She throws very large and colorful litters for Toys.  Blaze is a daughter from Little Blues Wiley, my original stud dog.  She has been a dream dam.  She has **1** full generation of Registered Ancestry with NSDR/IESR and **4**full generations of Registered Ancestry with TASCA.

DOB:  03/09/2011

Sex:  Female

Sire: Little Blues Wiley

Dam: Little Blues Trix

Height:  12″

Weight:  19lbs

Eyes:  Amber


Little Blues “Willow”

Willow, a Black Tri, is a daughter out of LB Diesel and LB Blaze.  She has beautiful markings and great confirmation.  We are excited to see this pup grow up and take her place as a mother on the farm.  Right now, she is showing more of her father’s personality and is a very smart dog.  She is well on her way to knowing general commands and has been very fun to watch grow and develop.  She has **6** full generations of Registered Ancestry with NSDR/IESR

DOB:  12/31/2017

Sex:  Female

Sire:  Little Blues Diesel

Dam:  Little Blues Blaze

Height:  10″

Weight:  8lbs

Eyes:  Brown