Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf goats are a fabulous breed.  Their small size, curiosity, and friendliness make them not only excellent milk goats but pets as well.  Our herd is an extension of our family and we pride ourselves in the care and love they receive.

Our goats receive an organic diet made up of 80% grazing/hay and 20% barley fodder and alfalfa pellets/grain mix.  We also have them on a natural worming schedule and they have access to free loose minerals along with baking soda.  We find many herbs are beneficial to our does and have improved their overall health and milk production as well.


Organic Goat Grain Recipe

1lb.  rolled barley

1/2 lb. rolled oats

3/4 cup black oil sunflower seeds

1/4 cup kelp powder

1/4 cup ground flax seed

1/4 cup red raspberry leaf

I mix all ingredients in a bowl then add 1/2-3/4 cup of molasses to coat evenly.  I store this in a large ziploc bag.  This feeds my herd for one week.

 Does that are 2 weeks out from delivering will receive 1/4 cup, once a day.  Does in milk will receive 1/2 cup, twice a week.  I will also slip theit natural wormer into this feed once a week.

It is important to pay attention to your animals’ needs.  They are NOT made equal…you will have to adjust many herbs and supplements to fit your goats’ specific needs.  It is wise to work with a specialist in this area of supplementation.


Meet The Herd

SugarBeet Julie Anne “Penelope”

Penelope is a disbudded doe with a very curious temperament.  She is the alpha doe of the group that stands guard all day long.  She does love an occasional belly rub and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body….  unless you are a dog…. then she will show you who’s boss!  She has been bred and we are very excited to see what new arrivals come this July.  Her official due date is 07/04/2017.  She is registered under ADGA.

DOB:  03/16/2014

Horn Information:  Disbudded

Ear Information:  Erect

Eyes:  Amber

Sire: Big Mtn Country Junior Mint

Dam:  The Vancouver

CAE Negative




Brendykai Farm “Princess Apple”

Princess Apple is a farm favorite.  We jokingly call her one of the dogs because of her loyal personality.  She is always one step behind you and if you aren’t already scratching her head, she will let you know instantly to start.  Princess Apple has stunning blue eyes and her babies have had them as well.  She will be bred this fall for a spring delivery.  We have been giving her organic supplements to help boost her overall health because she has been known to not be the best milker.  We are excited to see the difference  these organic herbs make in her overall milk production.  She is registered under AGS.

DOB: 05/31/2012

Horn Information: Disbudded

Ear Information: Erect

Eyes:  Blue

Sire: Baker’s Barnyard D Rocky

Dam: Baker’s Barnyard Chameroun

CAE Negative




We have three new doelings that we added to the family.  They have been growing and adjusting well to the organic feed routine.


Sky is an unregistered doeling with striking blue eyes.  We are excited to watch her grow and mature.  She has learned to love attention and comes around asking for a head-rub or two.





Winter is an unregistered doeling with brown eyes.  She has been so social from the time be brought her home.  She will be very easy to milk-train because of her trusting disposition. This little doeling’s future looks every bright!





Winnie is an unregistered doeling with amber eyes.  It has been work getting her to trust us but as of this week, our patience has paid off!  She is now a very comfortable part of the herd and has settled in nicely!  We are so pleased to see her come so far.