Toy Australian Shepherds

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

-Josh Billings



My love for Toy Aussies started over 20 years ago with my first toy Shiloh, a sweet black tri female.  Through her I learned the characteristics of the breed and knew quickly that our home would never be without an Aussie.

From there, we introduced the “Sweetheart of the pack” into the breeding program.  Wiley, a double blue-eyed blue merle,  was the love of my life.  He sired dozens of puppies and was the ultimate patriarch of my breeding program.  I am delighted to have successfully carried on his beautiful line to the 4th generation. Little Blues Aussies has been placing beautiful and conformationally correct pups in homes all across the nation for over 15 years. All pups grow up on a farm and are well socialized with children and other farm animals.

My convictions on how we raise our dogs stem from my holistic background.  As a holistic practitioner, I am able to raise my animals and teach their owners how to best care for them as non-invasive as possible.  This is not a life-style that is suited for everyone and takes a bit of work, but the reward of seeing healthy, disease-free pets far outweigh the work load.  I choose not to genetically test.  Raising them through the generations has helped me to develop correct conformations and healthy pups.  I understand the need for this with the level of contempt that is now happening with other breeding programs, but will stand by my convictions and confidence in my breeding program.  I do help educate families on the genetic threats that this breed may face like the MDR-1 Gene mutation.

Each one of my dog’s new family receives the benefits of my holistic knowledge in an on-going relationship if that is what they so choose to do. Most people are very open to hearing the benefits of a holistic pet routine.  They receive information on natural remedies, raw food diet, cold vs. hot dog, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, genetic mutations, and overall pet care.

All pups can be registered through NSDR and can easily be transferred into registry of choice if that is needed.  There are breeding rights available to the right owner and pup. They receive their first 5-way puppy booster (further vaccines are at the discretion of the new owner), a worming of pyrantel promoate and then I stick to an herbal schedule after that.  All natural remedies are used on the farm unless a vet is involved as per injury.

Meet The Pups

The match between Little Blues Samson and Little Blues Willow gave us these three beautiful merle males.  They were born 12-30-2020.

Male Blue Merle, One blue eye, one brown eye

Sargent – Male Blue Merle                      One blue eye, one brown eye

General- Male Red Merle            SOLD             One blue eye, one green eye

Captain- Male Red Merle         SOLD           Double Blue eyes

All pups are $1,000.00 and require a $100.00               non-refundable deposit for a hold.                                     Dogs are registered through NSDR.                                Breeding rights are available for addition $100.00.  Papers are only given to owners who have purchased breeding rights.                                                                                  All pups will receive their first puppy booster and will be UPT on worming.




Meet the Dogs


Little Blues “Diesel”


Diesel, a Blue Merle male, is is one of our beloved stud dogs   He has produced three, beautiful litters, throwing every color in each litter.  He has a strong herding instinct and is my number one hiking companion.  He has those striking blue eyes and every merle from him has received blue eyes as well.  He has been a very welcoming addition to our doggie family since the passing of my original stud dog, WIley.  He is very loyal and smarter than a whip.  He has **5** full generations of Registered Ancestry with NSDR/IESR.

DOB:  05/20/2015

Sex:  Male

Sire: Pruitt’s Ace

Dam: Pruitt’s Peggee

Height: 13″

Weight:  14lbs

Eyes: Blue




Little Blues “Blaze”

Blaze, a Red Tri, is our current dam.  She has had three, beautiful litters and is a natural mother.  She is very quiet and loves one-on-one attention.  She throws very large and colorful litters for Toys.  Blaze is a daughter from Little Blues Wiley, my original stud dog.  She has been a dream dam.  She has **1** full generation of Registered Ancestry with NSDR/IESR and **4**full generations of Registered Ancestry with TASCA.


DOB:  03/09/2011

Sex:  Female

Sire: Little Blues Wiley

Dam: Little Blues Trix

Height:  12″

Weight:  19lbs

Eyes:  Amber


Little Blues Willow, a Black Tri, is a daughter out of LB Diesel and LB Blaze.  She has beautiful markings and great confirmation. She knows general commands and has been very fun to watch grow and develop into an amazing mother.  She prefers to be inside on her bed unless it’s time for a walk or chores.   She has **6** full generations of Registered Ancestry with NSDR/IESR

DOB:  12-30-2016

Sex:  Female

Sire:  Little Blues Diesel

Dam:  Little Blues Blaze

Height:  12

Weight:  20lbs

Eyes:  Brown









Little Blues Samson, a red merle male, has been a wonderful addition into our breeding program.  He has a very strong herding instinct and loves a job to do.  He has settled into a wonderful father and loves to take the kids out and show them the ropes once they are old enough to leave the nursery.  His striking double blue eyes are a show-stopper to everyone that greets him. He has **1** full generations of Registered Ancestry with NSDR/IESR

DOB:  04-22-2018

Sex:  male

Sire: Dicken’s Chocho

Dam: Dicken’s Bristol

Height:  15

Weight:  28lbs

Eyes:  Double Blue, Amber fleck








Little Blues Charli, a blue merle female, is a daughter out of LB Samson and LB Willow.  She is all spunk and her daddy’s best friend.  She is high on the energy level right now but slowly learning herding and obedience commands.  She loves to be outdoors and anything that has to do with playing.  Her double blue eyes and unique coat make her a fan favorite with everyone.  We are excited to see what kind of momma she will make in the next couple years. She has **7** full generations of Registered Ancestry with NSDR/IESR

DOB:  06–04-2020

Sex:  Female

Sire:  Little Blues Samson

Dam:  Little Blues Willow

Height:  13

Weight:  17lbs

Eyes:  Double Blue eyes