5 Easy Steps to Keep House Plants Happy

Nothing makes a house more ‘homey’ than house plants.  They just bring an extra element into your home not to mention the health benefits they also provide.  If you are new to plants in general, here is a list of some of the most beneficial plants to have in your home.  Really play around with adding plants into different rooms.  You’ll be amazed at the balance and harmony they bring.

House plants, just like any other plant, need special attention at least twice a year. Besides the weekly watering that most of my house plants receive, twice a year I bring them outside and give them a conditioning bath.  This allows me to get all the dust off them, see if any are getting root-bound, and give them an extra layer of feeding soil.  I turn to a natural feeder that is quick and easy.  I don’t want any chemicals going into my house plants.  They have a hard enough job cleaning all the toxins out of the air as it is.  The benefits of Epsom salt for house plants.

5 easy steps to keeping those house plants happy

  1.  Give them a bath at least twice a year.  Remove any dead leaves and prune if they need it (make sure it is a nice, warm day and not windy).

2.  Check to see if any plants are root-bound.  If they are, simply transplant them into a larger pot along with Feeding soil .
3.  Give each plant a couple handfuls of feeding soil.
4.  After their bath and they’ve dried off a bit I give them a salt bath.  Mix 1 Tbsp.  Epsom salt with 1 gallon water and give each plant a drink (I continue to do this every 6 weeks).


5.  Check each plant weekly to see if they need water.  It’s best to keep the soil moist not too wet or too dry.  Most of my plants need a good drink once a week, but I live in a dry climate.
Developing these habits will pay off and you will get to enjoy your beautiful house plants for years come.


Happy bathing!

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