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The very cornerstone of our healthy lifestyle is living as chemically free as we can. Two disciplines have provided this stability in our life. Since following an 80/20 organic-eating plan and removing 95% of all toxic products out of our home, we have found a healthy balance. Being realistic in this approach is very attainable. Therefore, helping individuals find their healthy balance is one of my goals.

While the experience lies in the journey, the journey needs to take flight. Finding a strong conviction will set your journey on its course. Consequently, most people wont seek out advise until their personal health is in jeopardy. My prayer is to change that. You can take your health back.  By implementing natural health foundations you can address so many issues you and your family are concerned with.

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My name is Stacey Upchurch and I am a wife and mother of four, beautiful girls. My life is full of home-school shenanigans, holistic health consulting, homesteading, raising organic plants and animals, and sharing the love of Christ. I am currently enrolled in Trinity School of Natural Health and will be receiving my (CHHP), Certified Holistic Health Practitioner degree. I am also furthering my education with aromatherapy, Vita Flex points, reflexology, and massage by becoming a Board Certified Raindrop Specialist. I currently hold a Certified Health Specialist (CHS) degree and a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) degree.

While living as chemically free as possible is our family’s goal, we do splurge every now and then. An important factor to maintaining a balanced life is reducing stress. As a result, we have found harmony in the structure we have set for ourselves.

I see many clients that are awakenng to the idea that they need to support the WHOLE body and not just a symptom.  That is key in the health journey.  Holistic health is a state of balance, not simply an absence of illness.  When the body returns to balance, the illness is often removed.

I am not a medical doctor or a veterinarian. Furthermore, I post only the lessons I have learned personally to help better someone else’s experience. Everyone needs to find a balance that works for them. In conclusion, I pray that I may inspire you to gain more control of your life and over-all health.


Stacey Upchurch




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There’s just no way around it. Americans are experiencing a greater toxic burden than ever seen before, and it is nearly impossible for natural body systems to handle this incoming flow, causing toxins to become stored over time.

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